Miami Modern Renovation

It was refreshing to learn from this client, the day we were interviewed, that the client intended to retain and renovate this existing circa 1950s one-story residence on North Bay Road in Miami Beach, Florida. It was refreshing to hear because many of the smaller one story homes in the surrounding Miami Beach neighborhoods have been slated for demolition over the past years to make room for larger, flashier estates to appeal to the demand of Miami’s international real estate clientele. With the design and detailing of the custom-made driveway and walkway hardscapes, Bell-la created a fresh, dynamic, and architecturally appropriate style that has stunning curb appeal.

These photos were taken December 2014 during construction completion of the hardscapes. The estimated completion of the overall renovation is January 2015. Check back for more interior and exterior shots after project completion showcasing more of the entire project. The home has been recently placed on the market, and has caught the attention of potential buyers, already.

2014-12-12 12.43.47