Bell-la has been designing and landscaping Miami exterior gardens and sites for over 25 years, therefore has the experience it takes to execute extensive projects of all sizes and scales. Bell-la is a traditional boutique landscape architectural design firm specializing in the creation of exquisite exterior spaces. Bell-la’s design philosophy is unique to each project conceived, and is tailored to fit each individual client. Our ‘style’ is dictated by a combination of factors: The client’s program or ‘wish list’, the desired architectural style, and the site-specific traits of a piece of property, combined. Bell-la is unique to other landscape architectural firms as we let the client’s personality shine through, resulting in a finished project custom- designed for the client and his or her own lifestyle. Because of our dedication to professionalism, we take our educational degree training and qualifications seriously- Bell-la is trained and qualified to sign and seal construction documents for permit in any municipality in the State of Florida. Deena Bell Llewellyn and staff are LEED AP professionals, and hold qualifications in green building concepts and design.

The descriptive word ‘traditional’ in this instance means that Bell-la designs and assists clients with all phases of a project from conceptual design, to construction documents, to permit coordination, to contractor bid solicitation assistance, and following with construction observation through project completion. What makes Bell-la unique is that we present the client with a creatively conceived and meticulously detailed master plan with which the client can choose to phase in over time, or execute at once- depending on the client’s available budget. Because Bell-la is a traditional landscape architectural firm, not a ‘design build’ firm, the client benefits from the flexibility in selecting and contracting with the builders and contractors that are most competitively priced and best equipped to perform the construction scope of work for the project. Bell-la’s experience and expertise in the design and construction field prove valuable to the client through all phases of a project.